What's everyone's favorite vacation beer?


It’s Friday and I can’t help but daydream of being on a beach somewhere, cold beer in hand, with nothing to worry about :beers: :beers: :beers:

What’s everyone’s favorite beer to drink on vacation? Here’s my top 3:

  1. Red Stripe - not for quality, but because I couldn’t take a step while in Montego Bay without being offered one. It was beautiful.
  2. Bohemia - it reminds me of home, and it’s ten times better than Negra Modelo.
  3. Presidente - it was a good way to counter-balance all the rum action that was happening in Punta Cana.

*Honorable mention: Barrilito - maybe a little hard to find if you don’t venture out of the resort, and it’s basically a Corona Extra, but it comes in a bottle shaped like a little barrel! (literally the name of the beer)

[Photo from: mjsailing.com]


Bohemia and Pacifico are both good. Seems as though many popular beers in beach areas are light-colored lagers and pilsners rather than pale ales or other stronger types, probably because it’s easier to drink when it’s hot :sunny:. Also when they serve them really cold they seem to go faster.


I had a beer called Amstel Bright in St Maarten. I believe it’s only available in the Dutch Caribbean, and its obviously related to Heineken and Amstel Light, but it’s significantly better and perfect for the beach.


Giving this a bump… a second the motion on Presidente.