What to Pack on Caribbean vacay?


If you don’t know what to pack besides the basics, here is a list to WHAT TO PACK for your Caribbean Vacay. Notice if your staying in Riviera Maya areas or plan to visit excursions in this area, Biodegradable bug spray and sunscreen is a must to protect the nature, water and sea creatures!

Your own BIG BUBBA or YETI cup. Most resorts will fill your drinks in them! Reduces plastic cups and trash!
Chilly pads (they are lifesavers if you are walking somewhere where it’s hot and humid. Just wet them and go!)
Inflatable snorkel vest and your own snorkel gear
Pool float (yes, buy them in the US for $2-$4, instead of the resort rental price of $12. Now you can float in the pool or the ocean!)
Hat for all the walking
Good tennis shoes for all the walking
Wrist pouches to put pesos
River shoes/beach shoes for any rocky beach
biodegradable bug spray (for mosquitos)
biodegradable sunscreen (biodegradable so as not to bomb the reefs with chemicals)
hydrocortisone or another anti-itch (for the inevitable bites)
Ziploc bags (keep your belongings dry on day trips or even just at the beach)
shopping bag
red flashlight (for viewing turtles/”tortugas” at night; regular light blinds them)
waterproof case for your digital camera or GoPro
flip flops
antibiotic ointment
fanny pack
the obvious: swim suit, goggles, snorkel, etc. … you do NOT need to pack a towel as resorts have them.
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Happy Travels!


great suggestions! I had never thought to bring a biodegradable sunscreen but will try to do that from now on.


Agreed. Very nice list. Comfortable walking shoes are key… some of these resorts can be over 100 acres in size. If you do pack sunscreen, be sure to either check your bags or purchase the 3oz or less size (which can be hard to find and goes fast). It’s also worth checking with the resort as some of the higher end ones actually provide it in your room (though my experience is that it is only 30spf).

Oh and if you’re like me and planning on going deep sea fishing, pack dramamine.