Tulum Ruins in Mexico



I have been to the ruins in Tulum twice. Once 30 years ago and just recently, fall of 2016. The only thing that had changed was me (sadly). The ruins are transcendent, impressive and kind of mind-blowing. But the best part was that after you’ve sweated buckets traipsing around the majestic temples, marveled at the freaky half-human/half-animal gods and observed proud iguanas jealously guarding their harems, there’s a BEACH right down the stairs! Here are some pics. I especially like the one in which the palm tree is growing out of my ear.


Are the guys on that last picture having lunch on top of a Mayan ruin? What a life


Haha! I think they’re workers, but they could be lunching.


Do you see the face on the corner of the building?