Surf Activities



You love to surf or want to learn how to surf? If so, so many great surfing and related type of activities waiting for you to try while on your Mexico Caribbean vacay.

Surfing is meant for Cancun. They have the best waves and even have surfing schools with lessons. Otherwise you can just rent your own surf board and head out to the wave.

If surfing in the ocean isn’t your thing, try a surf wave simulator, where there are a few in Cancun and Riviera Maya. They are called Flowriders. Cost is typically per hour but loads of fun. Surfing on a surf simulator keeps a constant 30-40 mph speed while you balance on the board. It’s similar to skateboarding, wakeboarding, surfing and snowboarding.

Also another option for the water is to buy or rent a boogieboard and hit the waves in Cancun. As you head further down toward Playa, Riviera Mayan, Akumal areas, waves are little to none, therefore Cancun has the best waves for surfing type activities!

Kiteboarding is another watersport that is worth trying while out in Cancun.

No matter how you stand sideways, you’ll definitely have a great time in the blue water!


Surfing in the Cancun area, like any good surf spot, depends on favorable weather conditions. For an avid surfer, Baja and the Pacific coast might be worth checking out. But you’re right, if you’re not into ocean surf or the waves aren’t up, those simulators are a blast!


I love flowboarding! Never have tried it at Barcela Maya but sure would love too! Great shredding!!!


Did you say surfboard? Here’s how we’re rolling at HQ…


Watching people fall on the surf simulator is great fun!


Jaco Beach, Costa Rica… great place to catch waves (and great surf lessons)!