Saona Island, Dominican Republic


What a beautiful experience this is. For those of you who frequent the DR and have not visited this Island, you’re truly missing out. From the food to the beautiful water surrounding this island, this is something everyone needs to experience.


One of my favorite things to do in the DR!


I haven’t been to Saona Island. Are there activities available or is it mostly just for relaxing on the beach?



Tons of activities. The excursion we offer allows our clients to catamaran over and speed boat back - drinks are included on the way of course. While at the island you get time on the beach, but also receive a pretty nice dinner. There are volley ball nets and other water sports too. You can purchase cigars to smoke on the beach. The excursion/island does a good job of meeting the needs of every client that books this trip.


Thanks, Dinch. Sounds awesome.


We did this on one of our trips. The island is gorgeous, and relaxing. During our trip we also found a lot of star fish. It was a great experience and the companies that run the day trips are very accommodating.


Dinch - So do they offer MMA? Nothing like a good ass kicking while on holiday. :100:


Hi Debj;

That is awesome and I am glad you had a great experience. How about the water? Almost like looking through glass. One of the many things I can recall so vividly.


Hey Steve;

Unfortunately, no. Although, that would be a really cool experience or even just boxing on the beach. Better yet, the art of dance fighting which is popular in the Caribbean and South America - Capaweta.


@Dinch The dance fighting you’re referring to is also known as Capoeira, originally created by enslaved Brazilians. Capoeiristas perform on the beaches in many parts of South America, especially in and around Rio de Janeiro.