Riu Palace, Cancun



We have one of our team members heading to the Riu Palace, Cancun so I thought that I’d post some photos from a site visit there. Riu’s Palace is their luxury brand. Palace’s reputation is that the facilities are beautiful and they have been investing into show cooking experiences. This property was built in 2012 and has 600 rooms.

You can see the modern design in the lobby area replete with purple accent coloring in the first pic. One of the interesting aspects of this property is the garden and beach area. In the third pic, you can see the foundation from a Mayan pyramid (gray square circled by palms). The fourth pic shows their highest end rooms with swim out pools. The in the fifth pic, you get a sense of the pool and beach areas.

BTW, one of Riu’s brand standards is having liquor dispensers in every room. So for better or worse, alcohol is generally no more than 20 feet away.


If I were to stay in one of the higher-up rooms, how long would you say the trip from room to pool/beach is? Do those rooms have outdoor spaces?

That’s a nice view on the last picture :ocean: :ocean:


It’s basically an elevator ride down to the lobby (and I’m not sure how busy these get, but it is a high-rise). Then in the 3rd picture in the lower right you see the roof of the ocean area entry. It’s not too long of a walk out to the beach from there (~5 minutes). Of course, you could just spring the bucks for the top end rooms in picture 4 : )

I believe all of the rooms have a balcony.