Resorts with Wildlife?


I love interacting with animals, so my next vacay in Mexico will definitely be near or with the animals. I am looking for a resort that you can feed the iguanas, coatis and monkeys while staying at the resort. I want to stay in the Cancun-Riviera Maya area but willingly to travel to Akumal or Tulum too.

Any suggestions?


Okay, this isn’t the perfect answer but Costa Rica’s wildlife is amazing. You can see everything from iguana’s to sloths (not the kind lying near the beach or pool). Most of the all-inclusive resorts are on the Pacific side near Guanacaste. However, if you have the time to make an excursion to Manuel Antonio National Park which is located South on the Pacific side, there is a lot to be seen. It also is possible to see the Cloud forest which is Northeast of the resort area.


I’ve heard Costa Rica is amazing and jungle life there is breathtaking. I haven’t been there but sure do wish to go. I would love seeing a sloth in person and not in a cage!

I’m always looking to travel to Mexico because it’s only 2 hours from DFW airport, non stop flight.


Agree that Costa Rica has great wildlife! Here’s a few of the animals and reptiles we saw.

This monkey joined us every morning for breakfast in Manuel Antonio.

Supposedly this little guy is poisonous. I did not get close enough to find out. We would’ve never even seen him if not for our guide. He was fantastic at finding wildlife


What’s going on with that first picture Blake? Can only afford a pin-hole camera? :grinning:


Alright here is some more information from the recent Cancun trip. While my meetings were at the Dreams Riviera Maya (see other post on this property), I also visited the Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita for four days. While I had no expectations, they actually have some very nice wildlife on property including:

Four male peacocks who are quite friendly:

Coati mundi:

An unlimited supply of iguanas:

And many varieties of parrots and other birds:

All of these are on property. They also have a small lagoon where there were signs for a Mexican Alligator and Blue Crabs though we never saw any.

Happy hunting.


Try the Sandos Caracol Eco-Resort. It’s a nice, affordable option in the Riviera Maya that’s got lots of critters running around. There’s a strong emphasis on Eco tourism at this resort. It’s a little expansive, but my clients love it!