Regarding travel to Mexico



Don’t freak out over U.S. travel warning about Cancún and Los Cabos. Here’s why.

There has been a lot of news regarding recent safety concerns in Mexico. While everyone must make their own assessment, my personal view is that I can’t stop living my life when the odds don’t warrant a change. When I was in London a couple of months ago, the Manchester bombing occurred. Prior to that, the knife attack happened in London. In October, I’ll be leaving for a cruise which happens to depart from Nice where there was a terrorist act last year and arriving in Barcelona where there was recently a terrorist act. I don’t consider myself a high-risk traveler; rather I am mindful to put these kinds of issues into perspective (in most cases, I would have a higher chance of getting hit by lightning or bitten by a shark).

My advice… make an informed decision rather than reacting to hyperbolic headlines merely seeking to generate traffic / revenue (or these days fake news).