Recommendations for boat charter in Cancun



I have a group of 8 looking to charter a boat for the full day on Saturday, Feb 4th. The itinerary will likely involve a visit to Isla Mujeres and possibly some snorkeling or fishing. Wondering if anyone has personal experience with a particular outfit, boat or crew that they would recommend.



Hey Steve;

I have a line out to a BHD about your question. I know he’s personally done this in Cabo, so I figured I’d see if he had any details on the Cancun side of Mexico. I’ll let you know what he has to say.



Here is information that I received from our BHD.

“I used a great outfit for the whale sharks and he seemed to know everything and anything with respect to boats and tours. I would email the whale shark daddy - Or give him a call USA Direct: 305-433-7523”

His website is

hope this helps.



Very Cool. Thanks Dan.

I swam with whale sharks off the coast of Western Australia. It’s a terrific experience.


You’re welcome Steve. Getting to that side of the world is definitely on my bucket list. I bet it’s beautiful there.