Pyramid at grand oasis


The purpose of this article is to inform others about my experience with touring the Pyramid at Grand Oasis.

From the moment we walked in the door it was immediately identified as an “entertainment resort”. The pyramid is draped in vines and at the top of the building you will notice that there is numerous wires and platforms that are actually used for performances for ALL guests! Conveniently located on the Cancun Hotel Zone, the Oasis property has an absolutely breathtaking stretch of beach that will be ideal for true beach lovers! There was never a dull moment with the Oasis property. Rooms were very modern and up to date. Food at the buffet was satisfactory and the environment was very friendly. If you are looking for a low priced resort with lots of entertainment for both the kids and the adults then the Pyramid at Grand Oasis is the one for you!


As noted in another post, the Grand Oasis has been upgrading their product. It still is a very good value, but be sure to upgrade.