Los Cabos or.....?



So I’m planning a girls get-a-way vacation for the summer of 2018 and, so far, Los Cabos is our destination. We’re all recent college graduates, and/or new moms so we want to go somewhere that’ll allow us to let our hair down, party, and drink a whollllle lot. We plan on experiencing new adventures but letting loose is our main goal.I heard some nice things bout Los Cabos but I want to be sure that Mexico is the perfect destination for us or if we should explore other options. How are the beaches, the nightlife, food and drinks, the culture as a whole? Is there anything I should worry about ?

This is our first major vacation so I don’t want to disappoint my girls.


I think Los Cabos is the perfect place. I would suggest you stay in the Cabo San Lucas area as the downtown area is great for nightlife. There is a Breathless Resort located on the harbor that has a large pool overlooking the beach. The beach is small, but swimmable. Not all beaches in Los Cabos are swimmable, so if that is important to you, be sure you check with the resort. I just went on my first trip to Cabo in June and absolutely LOVED it. I found the locals to be friendly and somewhat “Americanized”. Had 2 really great dinner at Grand Velas. One thing to consider is if you want to be on an All-Inclusive plan or a European Plan. Many of the resorts allow you to dine at their restaurants even if you aren’t staying there. So, if you are looking for to try new places, you may want to do a European plan. I found Cabo to be very worry-free and relaxing as well as a lot of fun.