How to change your user name?


Doesn’t look like a user can do this?

Also, I have entered beaches visited, etc. many times and for some reason it doesn’t ever save them.


Profile > Preferences should have that option for all users. If it’s not working there’s a security setting I’m sure we can change.

edit: This is only available for users with trust level 4 or higher (usually a moderator or admin) to avoid breaking mentions within posts.


Will let me change my name, but still won’t let me change my user name. Help!


If you change your username, all prior quotes of your posts and @name mentions will be broken. If you’re sure you want to do this, an admin can do it for you.



Let’s please change my user name to ‘Steve’.



BTW, this seems to be a problem for everyone. We need to be able to have ‘real’ names rather than first initial/last name. This is in keeping with our honest and authentic value. And some may not want their last names in their user name. Suggest we take this out of admin control so users can do it themselves.