Hard Rock Hotel Cancun


Visiting the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun will give you an experience unlike any other resort in the area. Starting with your first step through the lobby doors you will be engulfed by the music culture and this continues throughout the resort. There are glass cases with clothing worn by the world’s most famous music artists. If you go over to the large wall covered in Fender guitars you will be able to check one out and use it during your stay. This allows you to practice for your 15 minutes of fame when you go on stage and play live with a band (your friends and family). Everything in sight has invigorating color and glamour that draws the eyes and makes you curious as to if you missed anything in the area.

The rooms are just as amazing as the rest of the resort. Every room comes with a jacuzzi made for two with extra space. The rooms include a spacious balcony with breath-taking views of the Ocean or Lagoon; both will amaze. The music theme does flow into the rooms nicely and the color scheme is easy on the eyes and provides a modern feel to the room. The mini-bar provided in the room supplies you with full bottle liquor dispensers that can be refilled upon request. Getting a drink is easy and can be provided at any of the elegant restaurants or themed bars on the resort. After getting that drink you should head outside where the beach, pools, and hot tubs are located. The pool at this resort is very long and runs along the beach across the whole width of the resort and does have a pool bar you can take advantage of as well. Overall this resort was built to amaze and every visitor will be more than satisfied with their stay.


For those that like the nightlife, this property is also quite close to downtown Cancun.