Guide Me on a 2017 Trip to Mexico?



So long story short, I lived in Mexico for ~9 years but never really “visited” Mexico.

I think I’ve decided to make the first visit in 2017. I’ve thought about going to Vallarta for the longest time, but am not really sure if that’s where I should go first. Maybe Los Cabos is an option? Cancun is cool and all, but I’m not really much of an Eddie Murphy party-all-the-time traveler. And I can’t swim, so the wonders of Cozumel would be missed by me. Huatulco and Ixtapa sound interesting, but I’m not sure that I can convince a travel partner to go to one of the two.

What do you guys recommend? Is PV awesome? Is it interesting outside of whale watching season? Is my view of the other places completely wrong?


Maybe a @BhD can help?


Have you checked out secrets Capri or secrets maroma? Both ar adults only properties. They are not in the heart of Cancun so you are away from the party scene, but you get the nice off property shopping areas and a much more adult atmosphere. Puerto Vallarta is awesome too but depending on where your located you may have a longer flight times. I always say. If you west coast hit Cabo and puerto Vallarta … east coast Cancun/riviera maya side doing this will typically keep your travel time down and keep you beach and bar side longer. Happy travels!!


The Secrets/Now combo resort in PV is excellent. The lobby is especially memorable as it feels like you’re looking off a cliff towards the beach (great place to have a drink).

Regarding Cozumel, my experience with the snorkeling is that they make you wear a life jacket (and I mean everyone) so swimming skills are not a must.