Going barefoot on the beach


One of my favorite things about beach vacations is letting my toes sink into sand. What you want to do is find the tide line, take two or three steps towards the water, and then just stand and feel yourself sink a little with every new wave of water that crashes at your feet.


And as if we needed more reasons to love it, word on the street is that sand also has side benefits. Going barefoot on the beach can help:

  • Stimulate nerve endings on the soles of your feet, literally making every step feel good
  • Exfoliate dead skin cells from your heels, so you’re practically getting a free pedicure
  • Strengthen the muscles in your feet. If you ever try playing beach soccer or volleyball (or if you have to chase down your favorite hat to stop it from going into the water), you’ll know what I mean
  • Absorb electrons, which help support our immune system

So do you guys prefer to keep your flip-flops on, or do you let your toes hang out when you hit the beach?

  • I keep my shoes on at all times
  • I let my feet touch the sand
  • What are shoes?

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For those with kids, one of the games that I used to play with my son was “Wave Chicken.” The idea is that you line up near the water where the waves are coming in. Standing next to each other, each of you don’t move until you must to avoid getting wet. The last person to jump back and stay dry wins. You can do it over and over.


You never know where stingrays are, so always shuffle your feet when walking in the ocean barefoot or not. Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t buried underneath you!


Now I’m reconsidering my whole shoeless philosophy :fearful: :fearful: :fearful:


When I was in Baja, I was told I must JUMP over the first few feet where the waves come in (and into the water) to miss these buggers. They can be sneaky!


There is a beach in the Galapagos which is home to tons of stingrays. You absolutely have to shuffle and the beach is so dense with them that they will swim over your feet and tickle you. Then you have to avoid reacting or you might get a nasty surprise.