Costa Rica resorts




I have a friend heading to Costa Rica. What are the best family resorts and do you have any other recommendations on things to do?



Dreams Las Mareas was really impressive as far as family friendly resorts go. I would definitely have it as a top consideration. The only negative about it is it’s location (about 90 minutes from the airport). It’s really isolated, so it would take a while to get to most excursions, but Guanacaste Park is nearby and there is plenty to do around the resort (snorkel, jet ski, fishing). You could always go to Nicaragua to see the Volcano, but the ride there takes a couple of hours. I would say if they don’t mind potentially spending a couple of hours on the road every day, definitely visit this resort.

[On the bright side, you get to see a lot of the countryside on those car rides]

Resort exterior Sunset at beach/cove View of sunset from building 7


Thanks Roberto. I did not realize it was so close to Nicaragua. Mapped the route from Dreams to Manuel Antonio Park as reference.


we stayed at Nayara. I believe they allow kids, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it “kid friendly”. But it’s a beautiful resort near a (now dormant) volcano.

Manual Antonio is a great city to visit. Good beaches and lots of nightlife.

We also did this zipline, which claims to be the longest in Costa Rica (and maybe Central America?)


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