Coconut story time



I wonder if the neighbour would mind if I borrowed a coconut…:palm_tree: . . . . . . .
From: Lynda Paylan - Lynda Paylan (@paylanrelations) • Instagram photos and videos

Funny story about coconuts:
I was at South Beach one day. While I’m washing my feet, getting ready to leave, I see a guy selling coconuts out of a shopping cart. My friend and I walk over to him and ask him how much for a coconut? He says $10. I tell him I’ll do two for ten. He says OK.

As he’s swinging his machete to slice the top off, another way walks up. He starts telling the guy with the machete that he just had to run another vendor off his turf (at this point, we realize this is his stand). Then he asks machete how much he sold the coconut for. Machete says 2 for 10. The vendor loses his cool and starts yelling at machete, telling him how he was messing up his business, and how he couldn’t believe that he left for two seconds and this happened.

My friend and I grab our coconuts and start to walk away before we had to cough up another $5. The coconut tasted OK. Definitely worth almost getting hounded by an angry vendor.