Chillin' with flamingos in Aruba - Renaissance Aruba Resort




Awesome Dan. Will be heading to Aruba in July. Am looking forward to it.


Do you know if flamingos are naturally aggressive? I guess I got a little too close to one and it started chasing me, which is a shame because I’m a big fan.


So I have a funny bird story in this case a Pelican. During the summer between my first and second year of business school I and about ten friends chartered a sailboat to tour the Greek Isles. We visited Mykonos which is one of the more touristy islands with many restaurants.

We were dining as a group when a couple of ladies decided to join us. This was back in the single days where none of us were married. At the time (2001), there happened to be a well known pelican who perched himself in the square among many of the restaurants.

One of my friends who was trying to romance one of the ladies asked her to get in a picture with the pelican. However, she is quite wary of the wildlife and is afraid to get too close. My friend gallantly goes and stands right next to the pelican to show that the bird is harmless. Well apparently the pelican wasn’t feeling it and snaps its beak right on my friends neck. Next thing you know, we have a bleeder. With the blood flowing from his neck, the romantic mood is destroyed (not to mention the trust issues this creates). Worse, my friend ends up with a scar on his neck only highlighted by the tanning from the Mediterranean sun. He still hasn’t lived this down.


How cool is that!! Near Riu Palace??


I hope you have a photo of this.


They are only aggressive when you wear a shirt that mocks them… oh wait, you may be in trouble. They aren’t really aggressive but one did bite my gopro.


You’re referring to your camera, right? :smirk: