Cancun Mexico- Oasis Resort


I went on my honeymoon to Cancun Mexico and stayed at Oasis Cancun also known as Oasis Cancun Lite, Grand Oasis, Grand Oasis @ Pyramid. It’s a whole complex within Oasis. I stayed at the cheapest Oasis Cancun Lite but was upgraded to a Junior suite which had much more room (2 regular rooms put together) and 2 balconies instead of 1. Here is my overall review for Oasis. I give it a A- to B+

Time frame we went: Jan. 3-6
(Air) Weather: Warm during the day, cooler at night. You need a light long sleeve at night!
Water Temp: Too cold to swim in ocean or pool. I ran in and ran out!
Water Color: Beautiful turquoise color with lots of waves. Little seaweed on the beach but nothing that bothered me. Sand was powdery and fine
Type of Resort: All inclusive, entertainment, on beach, huge, budget friendly
Location: Hotel Zone. We took public buses to go to other areas of Hotel Zone, to the water taxi for Isla Mujeres and it was cheap and safe!

Food buffets: Breakfast one was always good. One of the night buffets, lacked a lot.
Other restaurants: Loved the pizza, Mexican and the outdoor restaurant near the beach. All yummy food.
Drinks: Alcoholic drinks were watered down but frozen drinks were tasty even if there wasn’t much alcohol. My suggestion tip for a higher grade of alcohol. Plus the lines were pretty long at the bar near the beach, so we would get 2 drinks per person when in line to save some time going back.

Beach: Lots of chairs and beds to lay out on. The view is why you come! Beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
People: Because we came at the beginning of January, there wasn’t that many people except some college kids getting in their last vacay before school starts. They didn’t bother us and we were able to enjoy all the beautiful parts of the resorts.

Pools: Longest pool in Cancun. All tile and looked clean and blue! They have a swim up bar too.

Staff: Very friendly but hard to get ahold of someone on the phone in your room and front desk was a hassle to check in. (long lines). But staff everywhere else on the resort was great, always smiling and wanting to help!

Rooms: Again I got a junior suite, so spacious and bathroom was all marble and beautiful! Bed was hard and pillows seem they have been in the washer too many times and flat and lumpy. But after a day in the sun, you will fall asleep anywhere!

Entertainment: We watched some entertainment around the resort but was too tired to check out the nightclub at the resort. I think most of the entertainment was in the Pyramid section which you have to have access to that but we checked out entertainment in the restaurants and pool area.

Animals: Beautiful peacocks and even a spider monkey on the property, nice green lush areas of the resort.

Hammocks: Have a few hammocks that are great to just lounge out near the pool and green areas.

Overall I enjoyed my stay at Oasis but keep in mind it wasn’t during the crazy busy time, which I can only imagine would be over packed (say Spring Break or Summer) and may lose some of the quietness and tranquility. Again depends on why you go to Cancun too. Some go to party, some go to unwind. Depending on what season/dates you go and what you want from your vacay, will determine if you like Oasis or not.

I wish I would have known that you can visit the sister resorts, like Oasis Tulum either for free or a small fee, as I would have done that for a day!

Happy Travels!


The Oasis is a great value in Cancun. It’s a pretty large resort with over 1,700 rooms. The build was started in 1985 and completed in 1994. It used to be very popular for Spring Break and in fact hosted MTV’s Spring Break for several years. Over the past couple of years, the owner has invested in the property adding restaurants and upgrading the decor / finishes. One of the newer restaurants is White Box which offers wine and tapas (note though that you wouldn’t have access to this at the Lite level).

A couple things to know about the property:

  • Construction was form concrete which is really great in the event of a hurricane; however, it also means it is more difficult to change the room size / layouts. Compared to newer resorts, the rooms do tend to be smaller, but on the other hand, why spend your time in the room?

  • The resort offers multiple levels of access / privileges which are tracked with wrist-bands so you will want to understand exactly what you’re getting before you book; an upgrade is generally well worth it.

Attached are some pictures to give you additional context (though these are from fall 2014 and I know the property has been further renovated since then; you do see some seaweed on the beach here, but that was the year where the Caribbean had a massive influx of Sargassum seaweed).


My trip was Jan 2015 so maybe those upgrades have already taken place. I sure wouldn’t mind going back!


I understand that they have also upgraded the entertainment.


When I was there in OCT of 16, they had a full team dedicated to nothing but entertainment. There was daily activities and there was always a team of entertainers to “Welcome” the new guests. They were very lively and added a little comedy to the check in process. A nice little touch I thought.