Best family friendly resort in Cancun?



I’m looking to travel during March 2017 (spring break) with wife and five (5!!!) kids. Cancun seems like the best spot because I can get a direct flight out of DFW.

If I’m going to go through all the effort to travel with my whole crew, I want to go someplace nice. Where should I go? Kids ages range from 12 to newborn.

Anybody stay at the new Dreams Playa Mujeres yet? Thoughts?




Barcelo. Hands down, the best. My wife and I stayed at the Barcelo in Riviera Maya this summer. We didn’t bring the family on this trip, but it would be a great place for a family vacation. They have kid and family friendly amenities like mini golf, and kids pools and playgrounds. There are tons of activities, I can’t say enough good things about it. We are making plans to go again next year. It is all inclusive and you never have to leave the resort area, so it is very safe. Love it, love it, love it.

I haven’t stayed at the Dreams Playa Mujeres but have stayed at other Dreams resorts and they are great as well. Let me know if you have any questions.


thanks! I will definitely check it out. Do you think it would a good fit for very young kids? Did you see a lot of children there?


Yes, I remember families with young children while I was there. You may want to map out the resort before you go, there are several areas in the center suited for small children and more near the Palace.


Good call on the Barcelo. The pros are that it is a very large complex with impressive facilities. It has the best gym that I’d ever seen at a resort which is very similar to any full service (not hotel) gym in the US. It also has a waterpark with a surf wave though that involves an additional charge.

One of the other properties that is worth checking out is the Dreams Riviera Maya. It’s smaller than the Barcelo (~500 rooms vs. 2,500), but it is also a newer property with the fantastic service and food that AM Resorts is known for.


A friend of mine just returned and raved about Dreams Playa Mujeres. I grabbed some pics


@Trishie that looks really great. I am trying to get in there as we speak (er…type?).


Another vote for Dreams Playa Mujeres. Its in a quieter area north of Cancun with a pretty beach, brand new hotel, and its one of the few where you’re able to reserve connecting rooms. A little pricey, but a quality resort - they over-deliver for what you pay. They have an AMAZING waterpark that kids (big & small) will love.


Hi Blake - This is probably late for you… but I stayed at Dreams Riviera Cancun in July last year and it was great. At the time, my toddler was about 18 months old and the resort is well suited for kids/families. The rooms are set up well and there are several pools designated for kids. The food was good as well. I highly recommend it.


thanks, Brian! Great recommendation. It’s actually not too late, either. I am likely moving my trip to summer due to high flight prices around spring break.


great info. some of the reviews indicated they were still working the kinks out after opening. I would think that would be all fixed by the time I would be looking to go in June.