Be guided by reviews not controlled by them



I just had the privilege of spending 4 nights and 5 days in Punta Cana for a familiarization trip to learn more about the hotels that are being sold in the area. Like many people who travel to the Caribbean this was the very first time that I stepped foot onto the Dominican Republic. I knew that this would be a brand-new adventure from day one. Many people that travel to resorts in the Caribbean are doing so for the first time, so they lean on reviews to help guide their hopes, and possibly their fears of their upcoming trip. The issue is that people when reading these reviews become controlled by them fearing that every negative thing they read will be thrown upon them and they react accordingly. I try to advise people that as important as reviews are to be read, they are words and memories of that one individual at the time of writing. The reader doesn’t know the story behind that person, they don’t know what they were thinking going in, what they were expecting. The reader doesn’t know who they are as a person. Are they a natural calm person who is easy going or are they uptight and everything gets them down? The reason that is important is because if someone goes into something expecting the worse or to have a terrible time, it’s going to be a given fact that they will have a bad time. If someone who is a natural calm individual goes into a trip, they know they are going to relax, get away from work and have a good time, if something happens to go wrong they will brush it off as life happens. But if someone who is always uptight or expecting things to be perfect and that same event goes wrong it’s like the end of days, the entire trip is ruined. When it comes down to reviews, they should be used as a guide, not as a certainty as the person that will be traveling will be the one that makes their trip however it turns out to be. The reviewer (first name, last name) won’t be there with you. You’re going on vacation. Going to relax and get away from normal stress of life. Go in to the trip seeing what happens and have a good time. Why pay the money to go and be worried and stressed and expect the worst? You won’t have a good time if you do.

I went to Punta Cana for the first time in my life on the familiarization trip to learn about many hotels. I knew going in the hotel we were staying in. We were placed in the Sunscape Dominican which shares privileges with the Sunscape Bavaro. I’m glad that we were as this is one of the resorts that people call in about due to reviews. I wanted to see what was reality and what was blown out of proportion. I read many reviews going in to get a view of what people were saying. But I went in with the idea of making my own opinion. I know that there is no such thing as a perfect resort and the Sunscape does have its share of issues but I went in with the idea of enjoying my free time at the resort. After staying 4 nights at the Sunscape I can see that some of the reviews are justified but also there are some that are blown out of proportion. For starters, I was in a tropical destination and not sitting at a desk in an office so it’s already a win. One of the biggest issues people have is that the Sunscape brand is generally for families with children. As a 32-year old I wasn’t too worried about seeing children but I was surprised to find there were limit amounts of kids. There were plenty of activities for adults to do to enjoy their time. There is the beach, the pools, night entertainment, disco, and a casino. Plenty of things to enjoy the time. There were only two main issues that I had. First issue was that the food was ok, it wasn’t great but I can’t blame the resort. It looked great, the service was great, it just wasn’t to my taste buds. I can’t blame them. I ate enough and didn’t come home hungry. The other issue was that when taking a shower in the room, the bathroom flooded. Being the only person in the room it may have been annoying but not the end of the world. I threw down towels and it dried up. May be an issue if more than one person in the room and shower right after one another. Did these things ruin my trip? Absolutely not, I faced the situation and worked around it. When it came to my free time I was very easy going. Only really needed a bed to sleep in, a beach, a pool, food to eat and alcohol to drink. The resort met all my needs. The sunscape isn’t a perfect property but for me it gave me everything I needed and I enjoyed my stay. I knew the reviews and made sure that I enjoyed my experience when I got there. I didn’t let other words control the time I had. I went down to Punta Cana for the first time. I met some great people, saw some amazing resorts, tried new things including food types, kayaking and holding stingrays. It was an awesome first adventure to Punta Cana and can’t wait to make it back. This was my review of my trip, to those that may read this I hope it helps you on your way to making your own vacation a good one.


Good information Mike! What was the experience like petting or touching the stingray in your picture?