Aruba Fun Facts


If you have an Iphone and your hotel has free WiFi, you can turn your phone to Airplane mode, and then turn the WiFi back on and text anyone else with an Iphone for free.

Barcelo is pronounced BAR- se-low, with the emphasis on the Bar.

Holiday Inn Aruba has 9 wheel chair accessible rooms, and the Tropicana has several wheel chair accessible rooms plus rooms that are guide dog friendly.

It is a tradition in Aruba to make a small pile of rocks and then make a wish.


Good info! Thanks Dale. Looks like Holiday Inn has extended that room category. They use to have 5 wheel chair accessible rooms.

Here is some added info I found out recently. They only provide a wheelchair from lobby to taxi and taxi to lobby. If a guest needs a wheelchair they can rent from a local company Labco Aruba. They offer a power wheelchair at about $18 a day. They will also drop off and pick up the equipment to the hotels. The Holiday Inn will provide a shower chair if needed into one of those wheelchair accessible rooms. Housekeeping will put it into the shower for guests.


Just building on the communications recommendations above, some of the all-inclusive resorts include international calling for free depending on what level (e.g., preferred) you are. However, I’ve found the best (and free) option is to download apps like Vonage or Viber which allow you to make international calls for free so long as you are on wifi (VOIP or voice over internet protocol). Thus you can use your smart phone and not be tied to a land line and keep up with your friends back home at no expense.